Advance your immuno-oncology research with next-generation sequencing tools

Current PD-1 and PD-L1 biomarkers are insufficient for research sample stratification. It’s time for robust immuno-oncology research solutions. Using trusted Ion AmpliSeq™ technology and content selection protocols informed by the Oncomine™ Knowledgebase, we’re bringing the scalability and power of NGS to immuno-oncology.

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The Oncomine™ Immune Response Research Assay was evaluated by OmniSeq Precision Medicine and Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Complete the form to see their results in a recent poster, “Verification of a custom RNA-seq approach to cancer immune profiling”.


Oncomine Immune Response Research Assay gene expression across two genes compared to TaqMan qRT-PCR and IHC on 13 ovarian tumor research samples. Top: IHC; middle: ranked expression values; bottom: correlation plots.

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