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ImmunoCAP Rapid Point-of-Care 

Delivering Reliable Results to Help Clinicians Determine the Course of Care

ImmunoCAPTM Rapid is a handheld, self-contained unit that generates an IgE profile within minutes for adults and children with symptoms of wheezing and rhinitis. Just add capillary or whole blood into the sample well, wait 20 minutes, and read the result as a colored band. For patients who test positive to one or more allergens, clinicians can include these results in their diagnostic conclusion and initiate appropriate treatment quickly. But for those with negative results you can discuss treatment and further action—before the patient leaves your office or facility.

ImmunoCAP Rapid does not require a PhadiaTM instrument. It is a CE-marked product and also available in Japan.

High Positive Predictive Ability to Identify Triggering Allergens

ImmunoCAP Rapid is a point-of-care test for in vitro qualitative determination of allergen-specific IgE in human capillary blood or heparinized whole venous blood. In clinical studies, more than 95% of allergic patients studied were identified with ImmunoCAP Rapid test.1-3

ImmunoCAP Rapid offers a comprehensive solution from capillary blood sampling to the evaluation of test results, including all necessary equipment such as Blood Sampling Device, Assay Device and Developer Solution in each package. The Assay Device, with a symptom-oriented allergen profile, is a single use, disposable test device. It contains all the allergens to be tested and the necessary reagents for the reaction to occur. Ten allergens are included in each Assay Device. Results are read visually within 20 minutes. A pink-red line next to the allergen code indicates presence of specific IgE antibodies to that particular allergen.

ImmunoCAP Rapid gives results directly – clear and simple. ImmunoCAP Rapid is not available in all countries.

ImmunoCAP Rapid

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