Fluoromount-G™ Mounting Medium

Catalog number:  00-4958-02

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Fluoromount-G Mounting Medium is a clear liquid medium designed for use in mounting slides following immunofluorescent staining. For convenience, this medium is provided with and without DAPI, a blue nuclear counter stain. It is water soluble and used to mount slides in which the final step of staining is aqueous. It forms a semi-permanent seal for prolonged storage of slides at 2-8°C. Fluoromount-G Mounting Medium does not fluoresce and may reduce the amount of fluorochrome quenching and photobleaching during fluorescence microscopy. This medium is supplied as a 1X stock solution containing sodium azide. The refractive index of Fluoromount-G Mounting Medium is reported to be ~1.4, and it is best used when the thickness of the specimen is less than 10 µm.

Select the antifade mounting or optical clearing reagent that matches your fluorescence imaging needs ›

For mountants with a 1.52 refractive index, optimized for oil immersion objective imaging, try curing mountant Prolong Glass Antifade Mountant or non-curing SlowFade Glass Soft-set Antifade Mountant.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Reagent Type: Mounting Solution