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8mm Amber Glass Crimp Top Vials, 250µL

Catalog number:  02-CTVA

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Industrial Chromatography

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These low-volume sample vials are ideal for 6mm, 7mm and 8mm autosampler trays. Choose from flat or conical base to maximize recovery needed for small-sample injections. Re-usable sleeves support the crimped, sealed vials in the correct position in autosampler carousels or in racks and allow movement of the vials as a unit to injection positions in both GC and HPLC autosamplers. Made of superior quality 51A amber (Type 1, Class B), these vials meet all requirements of US, EU and JPN Pharmacopia. Choose from Thermo ScientificTM PremiereTM, NationalTM, ChromacolTM brands.


Description: 0.2mL Sci-Vi Crimp Top Vial
Diameter (Metric) Opening: 8 mm
Diameter (Metric) Inner: 6 mm
Color: Amber
Diameter (Metric) Outer: 6 mm
Material: Glass
Volume (Metric): 250 μL
Volume (Metric) Residual: <5 μL
Base Style: Conical
Volume (Metric) Total: 250μL
Vial Type: 8 mm Crimp Top Vial
Closure Type: Crimp
Height (Metric): 32 mm
Quantity: 500
Closure Size: 8 mm
Marking Spot: No
Volume (Metric) Usable: 200μL