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Thermo Scientific™

OmniPac™ PAX-100 HPLC Columns

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Industrial Chromatography

For optimizing separations of hydrophobic and halogenated anions, use the Thermo Scientific™ OmniPac™ PAX-100 Column. This polymer-based anion-exchange column is solvent compatible and stable over the entire pH range of 1-14. Solvents may be used to affect selectivity, solubilize otherwise insoluble samples, and to remove contaminants to prolong column lifetime. The OmniPac PAX-100 column is particularly well suited for the analysis of larger organic acids, including alkylbenzene sulfonates, aromatic acids, barbiturates, polyphosphates, inositol phosphates, thiocyanate, thiosulfate, and iodate.
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  • Composed of a solvent-compatible polymer-based microporous substrate agglomerated with a latex bead layer that carries the anion-exchange functionality
  • Ion exchange capacity of approximately 40μeq/column
  • 100% solvent-compatible and should always be run with at least 1% organic solvent in the mobile phase
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