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Industrial Mass Spectrometry

Ensure efficient, reliable operation of your Thermo Scientific™ MSQ™ or MSQ Plus™ single quadrupole LC-MS system with Thermo Scientific™ MSQ™ accessories.
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An internal transducer provides pressure display and monitoring capability. The pump is also useful as a flow source when other pumping is not convenient or available. 


  • Digital stepper drive and rapid refill of
  • Wide flow range
  • Internal pulse diameter
  • Fully IC and biocompatible
  • Positive seal-washing standard to extend seal life by removing salts and wetting the seal
  • Flexible, advanced Chromeleon control (version 6.8 or later)
  • Integrated inection valve with a purge/priming port for precise flow or loop injections

Multiple Uses

  • Supply of cone wash solvents to keep the entrance orifice of the MSQ free of salt and matrix buildup, thereby increasing the time between required maintenance cleaning of the MSQ
  • Postcolumn addition pump for introducing organic additives or acid/base modifiers to the eluent stream, or reagents for the derivatization of analytes after chromatographic separation

Easy Maintenance

  • The complete head assembly can be changed in seconds at a price similar to seals and check valves in many pumps

Rated Pressure: 2500psi

Flow Rates: 0.01-1.00 mL/min

Flow Accuracy: 3% throughout flow range

Pressure Pulsation: 2% peak-to-peak at 100 psi, 1 mL/min with in-line pulse damper

Flow Rate Precision: 0.5% at calibration pressure

Control: Interfaces wit Chromeleon, RS-232, and relay control; full control with Chromeleon revision 6.8 or greater using serial/USB connection; limited control (no status feedback) with generic serial driver

Materials: PEEK, ceramic, and inert polymers

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