Thermo Scientific™

D 711 Neutron Generator

Related applications:

Radiation Detection Measurement

Thermo Scientific™ D 711 is a proven and reliable high yield design for fixed installations that offers advantages in total neutron production, higher maximum neutron output and easy accelerator head installation. D 711 is designed with an all-digital control system. It has a significantly improved high voltage power supply and improved operating economy.
This product cannot in the foreseeable future be offered for sale due to obsolete components which cannot be obtained. Thermo Fisher Scientific is still able to support existing systems with replacement neutron tubes and most repairs.
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D 711 is a significant improvement over its predecessor, the A-711, a generator which has 30 years of experience behind it. D 711 has a significantly improved high voltage power supply for higher reliability and improved operating economy, improved chillers and an improved neutron tube design.
  • All-digital control system
  • High voltage power supply for higher reliability
  • Tube lifetime: 1,000 hours at 1×1010n/s
  • Safety features: Keyed ON/OFF switch, user configurable interlocks, remote on/off control, pressure safety switches on power supply and accelerator head

Recommended for:

  • Large object imaging in cargo
  • Radiation effects research
  • Fast neutron radiography
  • Neutron activation analysis