DynaMag™-5 Magnet

Catalog number:  12303D

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Cell Isolation & Expansion

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The DynaMag™-5 Magnet is intended for use with Dynabeads® for the immunomagnetic separation of cells. The DynaMag™-5 magnet accommodates tubes from 11–16 mm in diameter (e.g., flow cytometry tubes and most blood collection tubes), with an optimal working volume of 1–5 mL. The magnet holds 8 tubes and is compatible with all Dynabeads® (1–4.5 µM in diameter).

When performing cell separation using Dynabeads®, a DynaMag™ magnet is required. Different magnets are optimized for different working volumes and tube sizes. See our complete overview of the DynaMag™ magnets.

The DynaMag™-5 magnet contains the highest magnetic material available on the market, and thus separates any Dynabeads® quickly, efficiently, and consistently. The DynaMag™-5 magnet is small, easy to handle, and helps ensure efficient separation of up to 8 cell samples simultaneously.

The included SampleRack has numbered positions (1 to 8) for easy control of your samples and a design that ensures good sample visibility when placed on the magnet base. The flexible clips that hold the tubes in place allow the magnet to accommodate many different tube sizes. The SampleRack is a separate unit that can be taken off the magnet base to facilitate vortexing, washing, or resuspension. Additional SampleRacks can be purchased separately.

Note: The DynaMag™-5 magnet should not be used with standard 15 mL tubes; for this purpose use the DynaMag™-15 magnet.

For Research Use Only. Not intended for human or animal therapeutic or diagnostic use.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Capacity: 8 tubes
Product Line: DynaMag™
Sample Volume: 1 - 5 mL
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
For Use With (Equipment): 12301D, 12302D

Contents & storage

Store at room temperature