Thermo Scientific™

Instant Connect Gas Sampling Valve (GSV) Injector for TRACE™ 1300 Series GC

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Industrial & Applied Science

Walk away from complicated GC configurations and rapidly introduce precise amounts of gas samples directly into capillary or packed columns. The simple operations of the unique Thermo Scientific™ Instant Connect GSV Injector include a heated 6-port diaphragm valve and can mount different size sampling loops to operate in split or splitless mode with the possibility of using the embedded backflush capabilities. The on-board digital pneumatics enables constant or programmed gas flows or pressures. Every operation is controlled through the user interface for the highest ease of use.

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  • Sampling loops: 20µL, 50µL, 100µL, 250µL (as standard), 500µL, and 1mL
  • Suitable for all capillary columns (50µm to 530µm i.d.)
  • Compatible with 1/8 inch and 1/16 inch packed column using adapters
  • Maximum temperature: 150°C
  • Switching from load sample to inject sample position (and vice-versa) is controlled through the user interface

Reduce downtime, simplify maintenance, and enhance GC performance Instant Connect injectors and detectors redefine GC and GC-MS flexibility and usability. In two minutes, without training or tools, you can change these modules to:

  • Reconfigure your system for a specific workflow or method
  • Perform maintenance and dramatically reduce maintenance downtime
  • Switch injectors and detectors between TRACE GC systems