GlycanMod™ G100 Supplement

Catalog number:  215416

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Mammalian Cell Culture

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GlycanMod G100 is a chemically defined protein quality supplement, enriched in micronutrients, that is designed to increase mAb galactosylation across multiple cell lines. It is also available as part of the GlycanMod Pak, which includes one of each of our GlycanMod supplements in 100-g, non-GMP sizes.

Each protein quality supplement has a distinct composition which provides more options for achieving your target profile. These supplements are titratable and can be added as needed to achieve the desired galactosylation pattern. GlycanMod supplements offer a solution for your galactosylation needs, helping to get your product to market faster.

The GlycanMod Pak includes:
• GlycanMod G100—enriched in micronutrients
• GlycanMod G125—enriched in carbohydrates and micronutrients
• GlycanMod G150—enriched in trace elements
• GlycanMod G175—enriched in carbohydrates and trace elements


Form: Liquid
Format: Bottle(s)
Product Line: GlycanMod™
Product Size: 100 mL
Shipping Condition: Approved for shipment on Wet or Dry Ice

Contents & storage

Storage conditions: cold room (2-8°C) Store away from oxidizing agents and protected from light. Do not use any of the supplements if they show evidence of precipitation or other signs of deterioration. Refer to the individual product labels for the expiration dates.