Thermo Scientific™

Rapid Mixing Accessory for Evolution™ Spectrophotometers

The Thermo Scientific™ Rapid Mixing Accessory, when used with the Evolution 300 UV-Visible spectrophotometer, provides reliable and accurate measurement of millisecond timescale kinetics, allowing scientists to make kinetic measurements nearly 1000 times faster than allowed by manual reagent mixing.

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Reliable, Millisecond Date Collection Rate

  • Low dead time of 8 milliseconds, when combined with fast data acquisition rate, ensures reliable and precise millisecond data collection
  • 50Hz data collection rate reveals mechanisms hidden by slower measurements

Precise Reaction Start Time

  • Optional automated pneumatic drive mechanism to initiate the reaction and trigger the start of the measurement
  • This air-assisted, mechanical system starts the measurement and eliminates possibility of human error
  • Electronic triggering feature precisely identifies the start of the reaction, enhancing data quality when measuring high performance kinetics

Complete Temperature Control

  • Control and monitor the temperature of the reactants in loading syringes as well as in the reaction component delivery lines supplying the flowcell
  • Includes a thermocouple to measure the temperature of the liquid surrounding the reactants and an alarm to warn if temperature is outside of your specifications


Thermocouple and alarm

Compatible with:

  • Evolution 300-UV Visible spectrophotometer