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Industrial Chromatography

Refine your expectations for high-polarity GC/MS with the Thermo Scientific™ TraceGOLD™ TG-POLAR columns, which are specifically designed with a polymer and surface treatment to overcome traditional problems with high-polarity columns.

Engineered for Superior Performance

  • Highly polar phase, 90% biscyanopropyl/10% phenylcyanopropyl polysiloxane, not bonded
  • Strong dipole moment and high selectivity for cis/trans compounds or compounds with conjugated double bonds
  • Equivalent to U.S.P G8 and G48
  • Cis/Trans fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs)
  • Dioxins
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A Leap Forward in Performance with Low Bleed and Superior Inertness:
  • A low bleed, stable column produces consistent results.
  • Low baseline noise enables improved limits of detection with enhanced resolution of low-level analytes.
  • Minimizing column bleed extends column lifetime, leading to higher productivity.
  • Reducing column bleed increases reproducibility of the stationary phase over time, resulting in greater run-to-run and batch-to-batch reproducibility.
  • Superior intertness ensures excellent peak shape and sensitivity, especially for highly active or difficult-to-analyze compounds.
Alternative Uses:
  • Alcohols
  • Aldehydes
  • Biodiesel–FAMEs
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