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MicroSEQ™ 500 16S rDNA PCR Kit

Catalog number:  4348228

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The MicroSEQ® 500 16S rDNA PCR Kit is the PCR component of the MicroSEQ® 500 16S rDNA Bacterial Identification System, which provides an easy-to-use DNA sequence-based method to identify most bacteria. PCR-amplified products generated with this kit can be sequenced using the MicroSEQ® 500 16S rDNA Sequencing Kit. The two kits together permit the quick and convenient amplification and sequencing of 500 base pairs of the 16S rRNA gene, which can then be compared to the MicroSEQ® 16S rDNA 500 Library to obtain an identity match. This kit does not include a copy of the protocol, nor a Quick Reference Card.

• Sequence-based measurement ensures you get reproducible results in under 24 hours.
• Growth requirement-independent measurement enables you to identify bacteria using objective criteria.
• Universal domain-level primers eliminate up-front optimization.
• MicroSEQ ID Analysis Software ensures accurate species identification.
• Customizable libraries give you the flexibility to create new libraries and search validated libraries that contain the most frequently encountered organisms.
• Requires minimal training-same work flow as the MicroSEQ D2 LSU fungal kit.

The MicroSEQ® ID System: A Complete, Integrated Solution
Streamlining every step in microbial identification, Applied Biosystems MicroSeq System combines the advantages of MicroSEQ ID Software with easy PrepMan Ultra sample preparation reagents and protocols, MicroSeq bacterial and fungal application kits, and industry-leading thermal cyclers and sequencing systems. To ensure optimal performance and system-wide integration, we develop and test all components of the system together.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostics procedures.
WARNING: Reproductive Harm -
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


For Use With (Equipment): GeneAmp 9700, Veriti Thermal Cycler
Libraries: Customizable, Bacterial Library (> 2000 species)
Product Line: MicroSEQ™
Sample Type: DNA (Genomic)
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
Software: MicroSEQ™ ID Analysis Software
Target Gene: 1st 500 bp of 16S rRNA gene
Target Molecule: DNA
Technique: SBT (Sequence-Based Typing)
Validated Application: Polymerase Chain Reaction
Workflow Step: PCR Amplification
Detection Method: Gel Electrophoresis
Product Type Specs: PCR Kit
Target Organism Class: Bacteria

Contents & storage

Each kit contains enough PCR Master Mix to perform 50 PCR amplifications, 5 negative control assays, and 5 positive control assays. One tube of positive control E. coli DNA, and one of water (for use as a negative control) are also included. Store at -15 to -25°C upon reciept. After first use, store at 2–8 °C in a PCR Clean Room.