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GeneMapper™ Software v4.1, full installation

Catalog number:  4366925

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GeneMapper® Software is a flexible fragment analysis software package that provides quality DNA sizing and allele calls for all Applied Biosystems® genetic analyzers. This software is designed to support multi-application functionality, including analysis of amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP), loss of heterozygosity (LOH), microsatellites, and SNP genotyping.

Features include:
• Multi-user, client-server deployment (through Oracle 11g RDBMS)
• Increased data processing efficiency through remote auto-analysis and command line operation
• Security and audit features to help you meet 21CFR11 requirements
• Organize, manage, and batch-process your data with Report Manager and Database Dashboard
• Automatically evaluate and reduce data review time with Process Quality Values (PQVs) for high-throughput genotyping

The software supports a wide variety of applications on the Applied Biosystems® 3500, 3500xL, 3730, 3730xl, 3130, 3130xl, 3100, 3100–Avant, and 310 instrument systems.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


For Use With (Equipment): 310 Genetic Analyzer, 3100 Genetic Analyzer, 3100-Avant Genetic Analyzer, 3500xL Dx Genetic Analyzer, 3700 Genetic Analyzer, 3500 Dx Genetic Analyzer, 3730xl DNA Analyzer, 3130 Genetic Analyzer, 3730 DNA Analyzer, 3500xL Genetic Analyzer, 3500 Genetic Analyzer
Data Entry: Genetic Analyzer Data
Data Outputs: Size, Genotype, and Process Quality (SQ, GQ, PQV) Reports, Sample and Genotype Plots
License: Client, Server
Operating System: Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista Business, Windows® XP Pro SP2, Windows® Vista Bus SP1 32-bit, Windows® XP Pro SP3
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Software Category: Software
Software Type: 1 Full License, GeneMapper®, Genotyping
System Requirements: Computer: Core 2 Duo E8400/3 GHz; 2 GB RAM
Product Line: GeneMapper

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