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Human Alzheimer's Array

Catalog number:  4378713

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Real Time PCR (qPCR)

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Two TaqMan® Alzheimer’s Arrays are available; one for human and one for mouse. The mouse assays closely follow the human panel and are from orthologous genes of the human assays. The human panel contains 94 test assays and two endogenous controls (18S and HPRT1). The mouse panel has 92 assays and four controls (18S, actb, hprt1 and ipo8).

• Pre-formatted and inventoried — each card contains a select group of TaqMan® Gene
• Expression Assays pre-configured in a micro fluidic array, ready to ship to you
• Cost-effective — TaqMan® Arrays are available in economical four-card packages that enable you to simplify your workflow without breaking your budget
• Convenient and easy to use — get the performance you’ve come to expect from TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays without needing expensive robotics
• Reproducible results — get consistent, reliable data across samples, studies, and labs—the same data quality from card-to-card and lot-to-lot — even with different operators

The Right Targets
TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays for the Alzheimer’s TaqMan® Array were based on the 'amyloid hypothesis’. We selected genes involved in APP processing that generate Aβ and included genes implicated in multiple secondary steps of Aβ aggregation, tau hyperphosphorylation, excitotoxicity, inflammation, oxidation and microglial activation. We also added assays for genes involved in cholesterol biosynthesis because of the correlation between high cholesterol and increased risk of AD3. Numerous reports of genes associated with AD pathology, biochemistry and genetics are also included.

Easy to Load and Run
Using the TaqMan® array is fast and simple. The micro fluidic technology uses 8 sample-loading ports, each connected to 48 reaction wells. Simply pipette your sample (pre-mixed with TaqMan® Universal PCR Master Mix) into each sample-loading port and briefly centrifuge. Within minutes, your 384-well TaqMan® array is ready to run on the 7900HT Fast Real-Time PCR System.

Ideal Screening Technology
TaqMan® Arrays are ideal for researchers' screening applications, from biomarker and toxicology screens to pathway and disease-set analysis. These arrays are part of a collection of TaqMan® Arrays that enable analysis of hundreds of TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays on an array with minimal effort. TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays are preloaded so you can standardize samples and laboratory sites while maintaining reproducibility, accuracy, and sensitivity.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


For Use With (Equipment): 7900HT Fast System
Internal Probe Modification: MGB (Minor Groove Binder) (3in), Non-Fluorescent Quencher (3in), FAM (5in)
Label or Dye: FAM
Product Line: TaqMan™
Research Category: Biomarker-Related Pathway(s), Neurobiology
Target Gene: 94 assays for APP processing, cholesterol biosynthesis, and other Alzheimerins targets
Form: Dried Down
Format: 384-well microfluidic card
No. of Reactions: 384 Reactions
Reaction Speed: Fast
Species: Human