Applied Biosystems™

3500xL Genetic Analyzer for Resequencing & Fragment Analysis

Green features
Catalog number: 4440463
Applied Biosystems™

3500xL Genetic Analyzer for Resequencing & Fragment Analysis

Green features
Catalog number: 4440463
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1 system
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44404631 system
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The 3500xL 24-capillary platform can run a wide variety of applications, including de novo sequencing and resequencing (mutational profiling), as well as microsatellite analysis, MLPA™, LOH, MLST, AFLP™ and SNP validation or screening. The majority of applications can be run on a single polymer and capillary array.

This package includes a 24-capillary instrument, 3500 Series Data Collection Software, a Dell Workstation and monitor, as well as reagent kits for system qualification and secondary analysis software. The 3500 Series Data Collection Software supports sequencing and fragment analysis, and integrates seamlessly with downstream software for secondary analysis of genetic data. This package includes such secondary software: GeneMapper™ software for fragment analysis and software for resequencing applications.

Features include:

• An 8 capillary system that can easily be upgraded to a 24-capillary system when you’re ready.
• Single-line, 505 nm, solid-state, long-life laser that utilizes a standard power supply and requires no heat-removal ducting
• Powerful, integrated data collection and primary analysis software provides real-time assessment of data quality
• Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology tracks key consumables data and records administrative information
• Advanced multiplexing capabilities for DNA fragment analysis with up to six unique dyes
• Unrivaled application flexibility—one array and one polymer are used for most applications.
• Simple setup, operation and maintenance

Accurate Reliable Data Quality
The 3500 series systems significantly improves signal uniformity from instrument-to-instrument, run-to-run, and capillary-to-capillary. With a combination of intelligent hardware, powerful new algorithm and reagent combinations, these methods provide major reduction in the range of signal peak heights obtained across multiple 3500 series instruments (see figure).

Improved Sizing Precision
New thermal sub-system design gives enhanced performance in demanding fragment applications enabling improved sizing precision versus previous generations of capillary electrophoresis platforms.

Ready to Use Consumables With RFID Tags
The 3500 series introduces ready-to-use consumables with pre-packaged polymer pouches, cathode and anode buffer containers, and easy-to-install capillary arrays. Each of these consumables is integrated with RFID tags that enable viewing, tracking, and reporting of critical information about reagents and consumables including usage, lot number, part number, expiry date, and on-instrument lifetime within the 3500 Series Data Collection Software.

Easy to Use Data Collection Software
3500 Series Data Collection software breaks new ground in user-friendly navigation with an intuitive dashboard design, highly visible buttons for common operations, easy-to-read graphical displays to monitor the state of consumables and handy maintenance scheduling calendar functionality. New functionality includes simplified plate set-up and built-in primary analysis with quality control, so you can make decisions about the quality of data as it is produced on the instrument without the need to transfer output files into secondary analysis software packages.


Software Type
Data Collection Software, Fragment Analysis
Starting Material
15 A
Capillary Length
50 cm, 36 cm
Electrical Requirements
100 V to 240 V, 50/60 HZ, 15 A
External Computer
Hard Drive: 2x 500GB SATA 3.0 Gb/s and 8 MB Data Burst Cache, Memory: 16 GB (2x 8GB) 1600 MHz DDR3 Non-ECC. 4th Gen Intel Core I7 Processor- 3.1 GHz Turbo Processor, Operating System: Windows 7 SP1
96-well Plate, 8-tube Strip
For Use With (Equipment)
POP-6™ Polymer for 3500⁄3500xL Genetic Analyzers, 3500xl Genetic Analyzer Capillary Array (50 cm), POP-4™ Polymer for 3500⁄3500xL Genetic Analyzers, POP-7™ Polymer for 3500⁄3500xL Genetic Analyzers, 3500xl Genetic Analyzer Capillary Array (36 cm)
Green Features
Energy efficient, Fewer resources used and less waste
Height (English) Exterior
28.34 in.
Height (Metric) Exterior
72 cm
Length (English) Exterior
24.01 in.
Length (Metric) Exterior
61 cm
Max. Voltage
Electrophoresis Voltage - Up to 20 kV
Number of Capillaries
24 Capillaries
Operating Environment
Humidity: 20%-80% (non-condensing), Room temp: <2° fluctuation during runs, Temperature: 15°C-30°C
Operating System
Windows 7 (Service Pack 1)
POP-4™, POP-6™, POP-7™
Polymer Consumption
Replace at earliest of 7 days⁄960 samples⁄50 Injections (960-sample pouches), Replace at earliest of 7 days⁄384 samples⁄20 Injections (384-sample pouches)
Read Length
≥850 bp using a 50 cm capillary and POP-7™
Software Compatibility
Sequencing Analysis Software, Variant Reporter™ Software, GeneMapper™ Software
Up to 1272 samples per day (using run module HID36 POP7)
1 Year Limited Warranty on Parts and Labor, Service Installation and Application Training Included
82 kg (approximately)
Width (English) Exterior
24.01 in.
Width (Metric) Exterior
61 cm

Package Components

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Catalog Number:
Unit Size:
1 system
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Contents & Storage

This package consists of the 24 capillary instrument, the 3500 Data Collection Software, a Dell Workstation and monitor as well as reagent kits for system qualification. This package also includes GeneMapper™ software for fragment analysis, and software for resequencing applications.