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ID100 Autodilutor for AAS or ICP-MS Systems

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Industrial Mass Spectrometry

For fast, in-line dilution with high accuracy and longer pump life, the Thermo Scientific™ ID100 Autodilutor is a great addition to our AAS or ICP-MS spectrometers.

Our Flame Autodilutor System is a significant advance in automated sample dilution and calibration standards preparation. The system provides dilution ratios of up to 100x when used with a Thermo Scientific™ Atomic Absorption or ICP-MS instrument, and is compatible with all types of samples that can be measured by Flame AA or ICP-MS.

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Fast, Automated Dilutions and Standards Creation

The ID100 Autodilutor System makes it quick and easy to automate dilutions, as well as to create standards from a master solution. The accuracy and precision achieved with the ID100 over very wide dilution ranges gives the analyst a much broader spectrum of analytes that can be measured in a single automated analytical run.

  • Accurate dilutions up to factors of 100
  • Automatically dilutes over-range samples and compensates for signal suppression resulting from high matrix
  • Up to ten working standards can be prepared from a single master standard
  • Capable of prescreening samples to intelligently decide on the most appropriate dilution factor
  • No daily recalibration required
  • User-installed in fewer than 30 minutes
  • Full software integration

Compatible with:

  • Thermo Scientific™ iCE™ 3000 Series Flame AA Spectrometers and may be used with manual sample preparation, or with any Thermo Scientific Flame AAS Autosampler
  • Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ Q Series ICP-MS systems