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Dionex™ IC Pure™ Water Purification System

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Water Purification

The Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ IC Pure™ water purification system brings reagent-free ion chromatography to the next level by producing ultrapure water used in the analysis of anions, cations, organic acids, carbohydrates, and amines in water samples. This system has been engineered to remove impurities that threaten your results so you can focus on what is important – the sensitivity and resolution of your ion chromatography analysis. Additionally, the Dionex IC Pure water purification system provides ultrapure water to the entire Dionex RFIC product line.
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Multiple RFIC System Support
  • Provides ultrapure water for one or two RFIC systems
  • Point-of-use system designed to simplify operation
Inline Connection for RFIC Systems
  • 3 psi pressurized ultrapure water for electrolytic eluent generation
  • 30 psi pressurized ultrapure water for electrolytic suppressors operating in external water mode
External 20L Tank with Automated Refilling Station
  • Provides large reservoir of pretreated or tap water for ultrapure water production
  • Never needs refilling – the 20L tank is automatically refilled when levels are low
Ergonomic Touchpad Display
  • Displays key operating conditions
  • Provides system set up and control at the instrument
Ultrapure Polishing Cartridge
  • Contains high quality resin for consistent purity and long cartridge life
  • Aquastop quick connections for fast replacement
Space Saving Design
  • System footprint measures 55cm (21.65 in) H x 30.6cm (12.05 in) W x 38.5cm (15.16 in) D
  • Optional wall mounting bracket for additional space saving
Internal 5L Tank
  • Easy addition of pretreated or tap water
  • Long refill requires less operator time and attention
Onboard Conductivity/TOC Meters
  • Direct readout of water quality
  • Warns when consumable change is needed
  • Alarms when feed water quality is compromised