Thermo Scientific™

Maxisafe 2020 Class II Biological Safety Cabinets

Prevent user fatigue and promote safe working habits. Thermo Scientific™ Maxisafe 2020 Class II biological safety cabinets feature an advanced design for easy operation and can be used wherever protection is of paramount importance in safety levels 1 to 3, including research, pharmaceutical quality control labs, pharmacies, and clinics/hospitals. The Maxisafe 2020 is independently tested and certified to EN 12469 and to DIN 12980. It is ideal for preparing cytotoxic drugs and offers superior personnel and product protection with best-in-class air flow and triple-filter technology.
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An additional segmented H14 HEPA filter system is used directly below the work area of the Maxisafe 2020, protecting inner air ducts, plenums and fans from contamination and providing a cumulative filtration efficiency of 99.99999975% to the downflow and exhaust airflow.

  • Superior personnel and product protection with best-in-class air flow and triple-filter technology
  • Exceptionally comfortable ergonomic design prevents user fatigue and promotes safe working habits
  • Maximized energy efficiency for environmental protection and significant cost savings
  • Thermo Scientific™ SmartFlow™ digital technology maintains constant airflow during normal filter loading or temporary airflow obstruction from foreign objects
  • Pressure sensor monitoring ensures safe airflow across the entire work surface
  • Independent alarm systems immediately alert user to any airflow obstruction
  • Easy to read display allows convenient monitoring of safety parameters, including performance factor, downflow air velocity, cabinet malfunctions, time of day, operating time of optional UV-C lights, total operating hours, timer for delayed start and stop-watch function


  • 20cm front working aperture does not compromise safety or sample containment while significantly reducing noise level
  • Hinged front window can be fully opened for easy and thorough cleaning of the unobstructed rear wall and all interior surfaces
  • Powerful crossbeam UV-irradiation in both side walls (optional) illuminates the entire working area without causing shadows—ensuring thorough disinfection of the complete chamber for maximum sample protection
  • DC motor uses energy efficiently and emits less heat into the lab
  • Night-Set-Back mode (reduced blower speed when the window is closed) conserves energy than competing cabinets
  • Interlocking H14 HEPA filters under the work surface provide easy and safe filter changes in the work area under safe negative pressure


  • EN 12469 and DIN 12980 certified

Ordering Information:

Cabinets are fully configurable, with options and accessories to meet your specific needs. Contact your Sales Representative for more information. Not available in the U.S.