Fluoroskan Ascent™ Microplate Fluorometer

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Perform a variety of research applications with the compact and robust Thermo Scientific™ Fluoroskan Ascent™ Microplate Fluorometer. Featuring excellent optical performance, this microplate fluorometer is ideal for life science research applications such as fluorometric protein and enzyme studies, molecular interactions, nucleic acid quantification, reporter gene, fluorometric kinase, immuno and cell based assays.

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Onboard dispensers for exact follow-up of kinetic reactions

  • Comes equipped with up to three reagent dispensers for fast kinetic assays, such as Ca2+ flux
  • Supports simultaneous dispensing and reading, enabling monitoring of fast kinetic measurements from the very start of the reaction
  • Allows conservation of expensive reagents with very low dead volume and the backflush capability

High sensitivity for both top and bottom reading

  • Fiberless direct illumination optics for both top and bottom reading
  • Ensures a high sensitivity, a wide dynamic range and accurate and precise results for 1- to 384-well plates

Specially designed for automation

  • Reads up to 384-well plates
  • Easily integrates with automated systems
  • Enables the most rapid throughput


PC Software and filter pairs: Excitation: 355nm/Emission: 460nm, Excitation: 485nm/ Emission: 538nm

Recommended for:

Ca2+ flux assays; Cell proliferation; Cytotoxicity; Multi-drug resistance; Cell adhesion; DNA quantitation; Reporter gene assays; Hybridization assays; Ion Channel; Quantitation of PCR products; FRET assays; Molecular beacon assays; Immunoassays; Enzyme activity; Neonatalogy; Bacterial quantitation; Phagocytosis; Oligonucleotide assays; ADMEtox


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