Thermo Scientific™

Pharma 24 Twin-Screw Granulator

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Manufacturing & Processing

The Thermo Scientific™ Pharma 24 Twin-Screw Granulator (TSG) is a dedicated system for wet and dry granulation processes. It can be used as a stand-alone instrument or integrated into a modular, continuous manufacturing line that spans from raw materials to final tableting. Such flexibility minimizes scale-up risks.

The Pharma 24 TSG provides consistent and controllable processing, on-demand production, and reduced clean room space and ATEX risk. It is also suitable for process analytical technology (PAT).
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The Pharma 24 dedicated TSG provides maximum process flexibility through many features:
  • Horizontally split extruder barrel for easy access and cleaning
  • Easy-to-operate clamp shell design
  • Removable top and bottom liners, made from pharma grade steel
  • Main port with availability for 5 additional multi-purpose, top feed/injection ports
  • Flexible base for stand-alone operation or easy adaption to existing downstream equipment at an existing production site

Optimal design for challenging environments
The Pharma 24 TSG can set up with an optional design to operate in challenging environments. The liquid temperature control of the TSG barrel ranges from 20°C to 80°C without any electrical heating. The instrument can be set up with 1-3 cooling zones when intensive cooling of the barrel is necessary.

Maximum control and connectivity
For the best possible process control, sensors such as temperature sensors or optional process analytical technology (PAT) sensors can be used with the Pharma 24 TSG. The Pharma 24 TSG is operated from a touch panel on a movable frame, and TCP/IP can be used to integrate it into an existing overarching IT architecture. Maximum user control is delivered via five different user levels with password protection and comprehensive reporting.