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WebSeal™ Plate+ Glass Coated Plastic Well Plates, 2nd Generation

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Industrial Chromatography

Samples that require glass vials can now benefit from high-throughput analysis using these glass-coated well plates. Our second-generation Thermo Scientific™ WebSeal™ Plate+ Glass Coated Plastic Plates are the solution to pure plastic plates that cause poor solvent stability or loss of product due to adsorption onto plastic well walls. The Webseal Plate+ products are glass coated using state-of-the-art technology for higher density coating (thickness of 200 Å) to improve solvent stability and reproducibility, especially for biomolecules that adsorb onto plastic walls.

  • Offers ultra-low adsorption on well surface for critical polar compounds
  • Enables ultra-trace-level analysis for strongly adsorbing analytes
  • Provides highest reproducibility
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Higher Organic Solvent Stability
Samples, which normally only can be handled in glass vials, can now take the benefit of handling in a high throughput well plate.

Less Adsorption on Cavity Wall for Critical Compounds
Adsorption on cavity walls is the number 1 reason for nonreproducible results in bioanalysis. As the wall polarity in Webseal Plate+ well plates are inverted, the risk of adsorption is significantly reduced.

Higher Reproducibility
Less risks of sample loss.