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myImageAnalysis™ Software

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Thermo Scientific myImageAnalysis Software is a full-featured, multifunction computer program to analyze and edit digital images of electrophoresis gels and blots that were acquired using gel documentation imagers or scanners.

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Features of myImageAnalysis Software:

Intuitive design—sleek task-bars (ribbons) organize functions into four main tabs: File, Image, Lanes/Bands, Annotation
Compatible file types—load images in popular file formats (TIFF, JPEG, PNG, etc.); analyze images from nearly any source, and easily share the results
Image comparison—open two to six image files at once to review them simultaneously or toggle between them to edit them in parallel
Auto-identification—accurate, customizable, automatic lane and band identification creates numbered, selectable objects for lane profile densitometry and analysis
MW determination—versatile, trouble-free calculation of migration distances and molecular weights based on pre-installed or custom-added markers
Advanced quantitation—automatically calculate sample purity based on band and lane intensities, or determine the relative or absolute quantities of bands or regions
Image refinement and annotation—crop, rotate, invert, display saturation and adjust contrast; then add simple labels, notes and arrows
Exporting and sharing—easily transfer data and images to Microsoft* Excel*, Word* and PowerPoint* Programs for further analysis and presentation

The myImageAnalysis Software comprises a complete set of easy-to-use research tools for the quantitative digital analysis of image data from electrophoresis gels and Western blots. The software uses a powerful algorithm to automatically select and identify lanes and band-boundaries for calculation of migration distances or densitometry. Intuitive, ready-to-use functions (buttons) provide molecular weight determination, relative and absolute quantitation, and purity calculation. Images are easily loaded, viewed, compared, adjusted (e.g., contrast, rotation, crop) and annotated. The program reads and writes to standard file formats, providing compatibility with nearly any source image or final presentation method.

myImageAnalysis Software, 2 activation licenses, and user manual (within the software)

Computer running MicroSoft* Windows* XP*, Windows Vista*, or Windows 7* Operating Systems

• Automatically identify and delimit lane and band boundaries for analysis
• Examine densitometry profiles of lanes and bands
• Calculate and report migration distances and molecular weights of bands relative to standards
• Overlay image of colored protein ladder onto image of chemiluminescent signal
• Assess band purity by densitometry of stained bands relative to entire lanes
• Measure and report the relative and absolute quantity of bands or regions
• Quickly annotate and export analyzed images and quantitative data

The myImageAnalysis Software provides features not available with other image analysis software:

• Algorithm automatically provides more consistent and accurate lane and band identification, including real-time band detection sensitivity adjustment.
• Band addition by mouse click results in automatic integration of the intensity peak, eliminating the need to manually adjust the band boundaries.
• Innovative molecular weight overlay feature allows a colorimetric molecular weight marker to be overlaid onto a chemiluminescent image for molecular weight determination without compromising the underlying chemiluminescent densitometry data.
• Versatile, open platform accepts standard image file types (i.e., TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP files).
• Analysis reports can be directly exported to Microsoft* Word*, Excel*, PowerPoint*, and PDF formats.

The myImageAnalysis Software was developed for use with images captured by the Thermo Scientific myECL Imager (purchase of the imager includes the software). However, myImageAnalysis Software is an independent, standalone product whose complete array of features is available and functional for analysis of any suitable-quality image of a gel or blot. Digitized images acquired via any imager or scanning device can be analyzed so long as they can be exported to a standard file format (TIFF preserves the most accurate densitometry information).


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