Thermo Scientific™

LH-4000W 8 x 500mL Windshielded Swinging Bucket Rotor

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Support a diverse array of sample processing applications without the need to modify existing protocols with the Thermo Scientific™ LH-4000W 8 × 500mL Windshield Swinging Bucket Rotor. Choose from round, DoubleSpin™ and Double blood bag buckets with a wide array of available adapters, providing capacity flexibility ranging from 1.5 to 250mL.

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Ordering Information:

Buckets, biocontainment lids and DoubleSpin buckets are sold separately; order rotor body (75006476) and components to complete assembly. Tube adapters and microplate adapter for DoubleSpin bucket are also available separately. Contact your Sales Representative for information.

Compatible with:

Thermo Scientific™ Heraeus™ Cryofuge 5500i series centrifuges