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8500 Filter Dynamics Measurement System

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Measure the amount of volatile and non-volatile components of ambient particulate matter as a mass concentration result with the Thermo Scientific™ 8500 Filter Dynamics Measurement System, which is a conditioning system for use with the Thermo Scientific™ TEOM™ 1400ab Ambient Particulate Monitor.

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Key Features:
  • Utilizes a combination of technologies including true-mass filter-based TEOM microbalance, a diffusion drying system, and an innovative self-referencing methodology
  • System's basic output consists of running one-hour average mass concentration (in micrograms per cubic meter) of PM-10, PM-2.5, or PM-1 updated every six minutes
  • Scientifically validated - total mass of aerosol chemical species
  • Designed to provide high-quality, representative PM mass concentration readings for both short-term averages (one hour) as well as 24-hour averages
  • Computes base mass concentration and reference mass concentration over the same averaging times

Instrument Performance (3L/min., 1 s, stable conditions):

Minimum Detectable Limit for Mass Measurement: 10 nanograms, 0.06μg/m3 (one-hour average)

Flow Control

  • Active volumetric flow control of sample stream using ambient temperature and pressure sensors
  • Mass concentration expressed either in standard or actual terms (user selectable)

Sample Conditioning System

  • Filter Dynamics Measurement System (FDMS) dryer contains specially designed Nafion tubing inlet on the main flow to minimize potential for particle loss; the dryer lowers the main flow relative humidity, and allows for mass transducer operation at 5°C above the peak air monitoring station temperature
  • Purge Filter Conditioner contains a heat exchanger that maintains the temperature of the main air flow and particle filter at 4°C
  • An integrated humidity sensor that follows the SES dryer measures the humidity of the main flow line to determine the drying efficiency

Data Averaging and Output

  • System computes mass concentration information as mass concentration (sample MC adjusted by purge MC), volatility coefficient, volatile mass concentration and nonvolatile mass concentration
  • Real-time Mass Concentration Averages: 1 hour running average, updated every six minutes
  • Long-Term Averaging: 1, 8 (user selectable), 12 and 24 hour, updated every hour

Filter Media

  • Collection Filter: Pallflex TX40, 13mm effective diameter. Must use molded TEOM-style filter cartridge
  • Purge Filter: 47mm diameter filter housed in an FRM-style molded filter cassette, maintained at 4°C; suitable for collecting and archiving time-integrated particulate matter samples for subsequent laboratory analysis


TEOM 1400ab Ambient Particulate Monitor.

Compatible with:

  • Streamline Pro MultiCal System
  • Complete Outdoor enclosure

Recommended for:

  • Air quality monitoring networks, including background sites
  • Special studies and super-sites
  • Routine input for air quality index
  • Industrial and material handling facilities
  • Remediation projects (Superfund, hazardous waste)
  • Indoor air, exposure chamber, and industrial hygiene measurements
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Protect the investment you've made in the 8500 FDMS and keep it running at peak performance with the Thermo Scientific Particulate Dryer Maintenance Program.

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