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TMT10plex™ Isobaric Mass Tagging Kit

Catalog number: 90113
Thermo Scientific™

TMT10plex™ Isobaric Mass Tagging Kit

Catalog number: 90113
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30 reactions
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9011330 reactions
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The Amine-reactive Thermo Scientific TMT10plex™ Isobaric Mass Tag Labeling Kit contains the labeling reagents, as well as associated reaction reagents, for multiplexed protein identification and quantitative analysis by tandem mass spectrometry (MS).

This Tandem Mass Tag™ (TMT™) 10-plex reagent set contains ten different isobaric compounds with the same mass and chemical structure (i.e., isotopomeric) composed of an amine-reactive NHS-ester group, a spacer arm and a mass reporter. The reagent set enables up to ten different peptide samples prepared from cells or tissues to be labeled in parallel and then combined for analysis. For each sample, a unique reporter mass (i.e., TMT10 126-131Da) in the low-mass region of the high-resolution MS/MS spectrum is used to measure relative protein expression levels during peptide fragmentation and tandem mass spectrometry.

Features of the TMT10plex Isobaric Mass Tag Labeling Kit:

Powerful – concurrent MS analysis of multiple samples increases sample throughput and enables relative quantitation of up to ten different samples derived from cells, tissues or biological fluids
Consistent – identical reagent structure and performance among TMTzero™, TMTduplex™, TMTsixplex™ and TMT10plex™ reagents allows efficient transition from method development to multiplex quantitation, enabling biomarker discovery research across platforms and datasets
Robust – increased multiplex capability results in fewer missing quantitative values among samples and higher confidence among replicates
Efficient – amine-reactive, NHS-ester-activated reagents ensure efficient labeling of all peptides regardless of protein sequence or proteolytic enzyme specificity
Compatible – optimized for use with high resolution Thermo Scientific MS/MS platforms, such as the Q Exactive, Orbitrap Elite™ and Orbitrap Fusion™ Tribrid™ instruments with data analysis fully supported by Proteome Discoverer™ 1.4

• Protein identification and quantitation from multiple samples of cells, tissue or biological fluids
• Protein expression profiling of normal vs. disease states or control vs. treated
• Multiplex up to ten different samples concurrently in a single experiment
• Quantitative analysis of proteins for which no antibodies are available
• Identification and quantitation of membrane and post-translationally modified proteins
• Identification and quantification of hundreds to thousands of proteins in a single experiment

The Tandem Mass Tag (TMT) Reagents are specially designed to enable identification and quantitation of proteins in different samples using tandem mass spectrometry. The TMT10plex Label Reagents share an identical structure with TMTzero, TMTduplex, and TMTsixplex Reagents but contain different numbers and combinations of 13C and 15N isotopes in the mass reporter. The different isotopes result in a 10-plex set of tags that have mass differences in the reporter that can be detected using high resolution Orbitrap MS instruments.

Advantages of the TMT10plex Label Reagents include increased multiplex relative quantitation, increased sample throughput, and fewer missing quantitative values among samples. TMT10plex Label Reagents are ideal for analysis of multiple protein samples from inhibitor dose response experiments, time course experiments or biological replicates.

TMT Reagents are provided as standalone sets or in optimized kit formats containing all necessary reagents and controls for maximum flexibility, convenience and reliability. When combined with the industry-leading, high resolution Thermo Scientific Orbitrap instruments and software, TMT10plex Reagents provide integrated total solutions for quantitative protein expression analysis.

These products are subject to a limited use label license. Cell Signaling Technologies, IQ Proteomics, and OmicScouts are authorized service providers for tandem mass tags.

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Label or Dye
Tandem Mass Tag™ (TMT) Labels
30 Reaction Kit
Detection Method
Mass Spectrometry
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Cell Lysate
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Protein Labeling
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Mass Spectrometer
Product Type
TMT10plex Isobaric Mass Tag Labeling Kit
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Contents & Storage

Sufficient For: Three 10-plex (3 x 10-way) experiments
• TMT10-126 Label Reagent, 3 x 0.8 mg
• TMT10-127N Label Reagent, 3 x 0.8 mg
• TMT10-127C Label Reagent, 3 x 0.8 mg
• TMT10-128N Label Reagent, 3 x 0.8 mg
• TMT10-128C Label Reagent, 3 x 0.8 mg
• TMT10-129N Label Reagent, 3 x 0.8 mg
• TMT10-129C Label Reagent, 3 x 0.8 mg
• TMT10-130N Label Reagent, 3 x 0.8 mg
• TMT10-130C Label Reagent, 3 x 0.8 mg
• TMT10-131 Label Reagent, 3 x 0.8 mg
• Dissolution Buffer (1M triethyl ammonium bicarbonate), 5 mL
• Denaturing Reagent (10% SDS), 1 mL
• Reducing Reagent (0.5M TCEP), 1 mL
• Iodoacetamide, 12 × 9 mg
• Quenching Reagent (50% hydroxylamine), 1 mL
• Pierce Trypsin Protease, MS Grade, 5 × 20 µg
• Trypsin Storage Solution, 250 µL
• Albumin, Bovine, 2.5 mg

Store at -20°C