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RapidFinder™ Quant Equine Set

Catalog number: A15579
Thermo Scientific™

RapidFinder™ Quant Equine Set

Catalog number: A15579
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48 reactions
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A1557948 reactions
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The RapidFinder™ Quant Equine Set, when used with the RapidFinder™ Equine ID Kit, enables the fast and accurate quantification of horse meat in food and feed samples. Using the included standards, the kit enables quantification of as little as 0.05% horse meat DNA relative to other meat DNA in only a few hours.

• Simple—real-time PCR based assay, no electrophoresis needed
• Flexible—compatible with any food or feed sample, both raw and processed
• Reliable—includes equine DNA quantification standard
• Fast—from sample to result on the same day

How It Works
The kit enables the quantitative real-time PCR-based generation of a standard curve using the included Equus caballus DNA standard. Then assays for both equine DNA and all meat DNA, detected in the FAM™ channel, are run side by side on both food samples and the standards. This approach enables rapid and accurate quantification and reporting of the percentage of horse meat as compared to other meat species in a sample. Included in each reaction mix is an internal positive control detected in the VIC® channel, which is used to verify the absence of PCR inhibitors.

The RapidFinder™ Quant Equine Set is designed to be used with the RapidFinder™ Equine ID Kit, and is compatible with Applied Biosystems® StepOne™, StepOnePlus™, 7500, 7500 Fast, and 7300 Real-time PCR Systems.

Sample Preparation
DNA sample preparation for the RapidFinder™ Equine ID Kit and RapidFinder™ Quant Equine Set workflow is accomplished with the easy-to-use GMO Extraction Kit. Using 10 g of sample rather than smaller sample sizes accommodated by most other DNA isolation procedures minimizes sampling errors. The GMO Extraction Kit is compatible with raw and processed meat, as well as composite food samples.
For Testing of Food and Environmental Samples Only.


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48 Reactions

Contents & Storage

Animal Master Mix: store at -5 to -30°C.
General Master Mix: store at 2–8°C.
Positive Control: store at -5 to -30°C.


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