Primary Mouse Cortical Neurons

Catalog number:  A15585

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Primary Cell Culture

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Gibco Primary Mouse Cortical Neurons are isolated and cryopreserved from C57BL/6 embryonic day-17 mice. A flexible, ready-to-use, and quality alternative to fresh neurons, each vial contains 1 million cells per mL. These neurons consistently yield post-thaw viability in the range of 50-80%, have high neuronal purity, and are validated for functionality.

• High viability: post-thaw viability of 50% or greater
• High purity: greater than 98% neuronal phenotype
• Functionally validated: tested for long-term survival, neurotransmitter response, and transduction
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Age: Fetal
Remarks: Mouse strain is C57BL/6
Tested For: Sterility, Viability, Mycoplasma
Tissue: Cortex
Quantity: 1 x 106
Cell Type: Neural Cells

Contents & storage

Store in liquid nitrogen.