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Applied Biosystems™

GlycanAssure™ APTS Kit

Catalog number:  A28676

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The GlycanAssure™ APTS Kit is part of the GlycanAssure™ Glycan Analysis and Quantitation System and contains all reagents and buffers needed to analyze and quantitate N-glycans from glycoprotein samples. The GlycanAssure APTS N-glycan sample prep method consists of rapid deglycosylation using PNGase-F enzyme followed by magnetic bead-based glycan purification, glycan labeling with ATPS dye, and excess dye removal. APTS is a traditional dye used for glycan labeling for the past several years, and the labeled glycans can be analyzed using capillary electrophoresis (CE) or liquid chromatography (LC) system. The GlycanAssure sample prep workflow does not include time-consuming vacuum centrifugation steps or the use of toxic sodium cyanoborohydride like more traditional workflows, resulting in a streamlined, automatable method for the processing and analysis of 96 samples in ~9 hrs (< 4 hrs hands-on time).

The GlycanAssure APTS kit contains:
• GlycanAssure core reagents
• GlycanAssure beads
• GlycanAssure APTS labeling reagents
• GlycanAssure kits user guide

GlycanAssure Glycan Analysis and Quantitation System
The GlycanAssure Glycan Analysis and Quantitation System is the first glycan analysis system that provides both high throughput and high data quality through an integrated glycan analysis platform that helps save labor, time, and cost of analysis. The GlycanAssure system offers simple and easy magnetic bead-based sample preparation with multiple fluorescent dyes for glycan labeling, multi-capillary Sanger sequencing instruments for high-throughput CE-LIF-based glycan analysis, and assay-specific software for fast data analysis and reporting.

As part of the GlycanAssure Glycan Analysis and Quantitation System, the 3500 Genetic Analyzer for Protein Quality Analysis and 3500xL Genetic Analyzer for Protein Quality Analysis are multi-capillary CE instruments that enable parallel analysis of 8 or 24 samples on a 50-cm capillary array for high-throughput and high-resolution glycan analysis. The ability to analyze samples in parallel avoids the need for shortened run times to achieve high throughput. The 3500 Series systems for protein quality analysis come with integrated assay-specific GlycanAssure data acquisition and data analysis software for optimum performance and user experience.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Excitation⁄Emission (nm): 423-430⁄501 (Pure Dye), 475⁄510 (Conjugated Glycan)
Product Line: GlycanAssure™
Product Size: 96 samples
Shipping Condition: Approved for shipment at Room Temperature or on Wet Ice

Contents & storage

• GlycanAssure Core Reagents (store at room temperature)
• GlycanAssure Beads (store at 2–8°C)
• GlycanAssure APTS Labeling Reagents (store at -5 to -30°C)
• GlycanAssure User Guide (store at room temperature)


Manuals & protocols