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GlycanAssure™ Software

Catalog number:  A30841

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GlycanAssure Software is easy-to-use data acquisition and analysis software for glycans with security, auditing, and E-signature (SAE) features. It breaks new ground in user-friendly navigation with an intuitive dashboard design, highly visible buttons for common operations, easy-to-read graphical displays to monitor the state of consumables, simplified plate setup, and a handy maintenance scheduling calendar functionality.

GlycanAssure Data Analysis software allows quick viewing of analyzed and un-analyzed glycan samples and quick comparison of different analysis methods. It includes built-in primary analysis with quality control, so you can make decisions about the quality of data as it is produced without the need to transfer output files to other software.

GlycanAssure Software has a full suite of security, auditing, and E-signature features to help enable 21 CFR part 11 compliance.

GlycanAssure Software is part of the GlycanAssure Glycan Analysis and Quantitation System, which offers simple and easy magnetic bead–based sample preparation with multiple fluorescent dyes for glycan labeling; multi-capillary CE instruments for high-throughput CE-LIF–based glycan analysis; and this assay-specific software for fast data analysis and reporting.


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