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NUCLEIC-CARD™ Collection Device System

Catalog number:  A32607

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The NUCLEIC-CARD Collection Device System includes a NUCLEIC-CARD Collection Device, developed for robust collection and storage of DNA buccal samples. The integrated collection system incorporates a redesigned DNA collection swab and collection chamber with the established chemically-treated NUCLEIC-CARD matrix for cell lysis and protein denaturation. With this integrated collection system, the ability to achieve a high first pass success rate for reference samples and decrease laboratory costs is within reach.

Key features include:
Higher sample transfer—redesigned N6FLOQSwabs lollipop swab and sample collection chamber for improved sample uniformity and transfer efficiency
Certified free of DNase, RNase, and amplifiable human DNA
Consistent, high quality STR profiles with Applied Biosystems direct PCR amplification kits
Enables long-term archiving of samples at room temperature
Efficient—card includes an area for cleaning strikes while punching with manual or automated puncher
Facilitates automated processing—a color change on the card indicates the location of the sample on the matrix, helping guide commercially-available automated punching systems, as well as manual punching
Customizable—NUCLEIC-CARD Collection Device can be purchased separately or can be included in a custom buccal sample collection kit as part of our customization services
Easier sample collection—user-friendly instructions included in the packaging

The NUCLEIC-CARD Sample Collection Device is manufactured by Copan, a market leader in the area of sample collection tools, and distributed globally by Thermo Fisher Scientific.

NUCLEIC-CARD is a trademark of Copan Flock Technologies.

For Forensic or Paternity Use Only.


Product Line: NUCLEIC-CARD
Shipping Condition: Approved for shipment at Room Temperature

Contents & storage

50 Pc. / case
Store (at room temperature.)