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TaqMan™ Advanced miRNA Human Endogenous Controls 96-well Plate, standard

Catalog number:  A34642

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Real Time PCR (qPCR)

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The Applied Biosystems TaqMan Advanced Human Endogenous Controls 96-Well Plate, Standard, provides the convenience of pre-spotted TaqMan Advanced miRNA assays in a 96-well standard plate format. This product contains 1 plate than can be used to evaluate 30 potential endogenous control miRNAs for up to 3 samples. Two exogenous (non-human) controls are included for normalization of sample input.

Features of the TaqMan Advanced miRNA Human Endogenous Controls 96-Well Plate include:
Reproducibility—pre-spotted assays are designed to reduce pipetting error and minimize experimental variability
Sample savings—requires only 2 μL of purified plasma/serum or 1–10 ng of total RNA per sample
Updated content—assay content updated for mirBase v.21
Easy to use—just add a mix of diluted miR-Amp and master mix and run the qPCR; no additional pipetting required
Gold-standard TaqMan qPCR chemistry—TaqMan Advanced miRNA assays draw on Thermo Fisher Scientific's industry-leading bioinformatics assay design pipeline and verification system to help ensure high specificity and minimal cross-reactivity, even for closely-related miRNA families

Product details:
Number of plates: 1
Number of unique miRNAs (not including exogenous controls): 30
Exogenous controls: cel-miR-39-3p, ath-miR159a
Compatible with the following Applied Biosystems qPCR instruments: Viia7, StepOnePlus, 7500/7500 Fast, QuantStudio 3, QuantStudio 5, QuantStudio 6, QuantStudio 7 Flex, and QuantStudio 12k Flex
Recommended master mix: TaqMan Fast Advanced Master Mix

• TaqMan Advanced miRNA plates require the use of the TaqMan Advanced cDNA Synthesis Kit, which uses a universal reverse transcription (RT) chemistry to prepare the cDNA template for use with TaqMan Advanced miRNA assays for detection and quantification of mature human miRNAs in biological samples.
• These plates are not compatible with the first-generation TaqMan MicroRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit, which uses an miRNA-specific reverse transcription chemistry.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Detection Method: Primer-Probe Detection
For Use With (Equipment): 7500 System,7900HT System,QuantStudio™ 12k Flex,QuantStudio™ 3,QuantStudio™ 5,QuantStudio™ 6 Flex,QuantStudio™ 7,StepOnePlus™ System,ViiA™ 7 System
PCR Method: 2-Step qRT-PCR
Product Line: TaqMan™
Product Size: 1 plate
Reaction Speed: Standard
Sample Type (General): Blood,Cells,FFPE & Fixed Samples,Liquid Samples (e.g. Serum),Tissue
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature

Contents & storage

Store at room temperature.