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POROS™ CaptureSelect™ KappaXL Affinity HPLC Column, 4.6 x 100 mm

Catalog number:  A37063

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POROS CaptureSelect KappaXL Affinity HPLC columns incorporate the advantages of high-speed POROS chromatography resins with the unique selectivity of CaptureSelect affinity ligands. CaptureSelect KappaXL Affinity HPLC columns recognize the Kappa light chain of human immumoglobulin, enabling quantitation and small-scale purification of all immunoglobulins (including IgA, IgM, IgD, IgE), Fab fragments, and bi-specific antibodies containing the Kappa light chain.

Analytical groups supporting biologic drug development require rapid, sensitive, and precise methods for protein quantitation from cell culture, fermentation harvests, or purification intermediates. It is critical for biopharmaceutical manufacturers to be able to monitor bioreactor product titers to determine when to harvest or abort a reactor cycle.

Features of POROS CaptureSelect KappaXL Affinity HPLC columns include:
Versitile—applicable for human immunoglobulins, Fab fragments, and bi-specific antibodies containing a Kappa light chain
Rapid—POROS resins enable quantitation or purification of immunoglobulins and antibodies in minutes
Hands-off operation—HPLC method can be automated for a streamlined operation
Robust—designed to deliver high-performance purification over hundreds of chromatography cycles

High speed with high specificity
POROS high performance chromatography allows for the quantitation of product from clarified harvest or partially purified intermediates—typically in under three minutes. Moreover, only minimal sample preparation (0.2 µm filtration) is required, and the eluted product is highly purified and suitable for further analysis, including mass spectrometry.

POROS Affinity HPLC columns are for use with HPLC systems, which allows the automation of chromatography methods, data collection, and data analysis. In addition, the immobilized affinity ligand enables one method and buffer system to be used across a class of molecules, streamlining analytical approaches.

Multiple cycles
Proper sample preparation, adherence to column operating instructions, and the use of an optimized column cleaning regimen results in strong re-use performance. POROS Affinity HPLC columns can be cycled hundreds of times for cost-effective and reproducible quantitation or purification.

Main characteristics

Protein binding capacity: 16.5 mg/mL
Species specificity: human
Column material: PEEK polymer
Frit: 2 µm, titanium
POROS resin: cross-linked poly(styrene-divinylbenzene)
CaptureSelect ligands: single-domain monospecific antibody fragment produced in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Shipping Condition: Wet Ice
Product Line: POROS™

Contents & storage

Column includes EZ grip fittings and column test certificate.

Store at 2°C to 8°C. DO NOT FREEZE.