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Sequencing Analysis Software v7.0, Initial License

Catalog number:  A38876

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This software enables you to basecall, trim, display, edit, and print data from our entire line of capillary DNA sequencing instruments for data analysis and quality control.

• Obtain longer read lengths, more high-quality bases, and increased accuracy at the 5' end
• Get increased accuracy in regions with low signal-to-noise ratios or with anomalous signal artifacts such as spikes or dye blobs
• Determine the quality of your data using superior metrics from basecalling quality values
• Accelerate quality control using analysis reports with analysis statistics
• Filter out low-quality sequence ends automatically with sequence trimming

Longer Read Lengths with High-Quality Base Pairs
Our significantly improved basecalling algorithm, the KB basecaller, now gives you up to 100 more high-quality bases than other basecalling algorithms. You also get longer read lengths with high-quality base pairs, mixed basecalling with quality value, and accurate basecalling of usually difficult-to-sequence short PCR fragments.

Easily Review Sequencing Results with Quality Values
This software enables you to customize and color code the range of the quality values to represent low-, medium-, and high-quality bases. This way, when the basecaller identifies each base and assigns it a quality value, all you have to do is look at the color coding to easily review, discard, or accept it. In addition, the software trims the ends of low-quality bases, grays them out on the user interface for easy identification, and calculates a sample score, which is the average quality value for all the bases in the untrimmed region.

Reduce Data Screening Time
Eliminate manual review of sequencing data batches. With the software's Quality Control (QC) reports, you get read length and sample score (average QV of bases in the clear range) for each sample file, enabling you to sort data by quality. And to make reviewing data even easier, each QC report is hyperlinked back to its source data.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Data Entry: CE Sequencing (.ab1 files)
License: Initial
Operating System: Windows 10 Pro/IoT, Windows 7 Pro
Software Category: Supports files from all AB Genetic Analyzers
Software Type: Sequencing Data Analysis

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