Collibri™ Stranded RNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina™ Systems with Human/Mouse/Rat rRNA Depletion Kit

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The Invitrogen Collibri Stranded RNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina Systems is designed for robust construction of cDNA libraries for strand-specific RNA sequencing on Illumina next-generation sequencing (NGS) systems. The kit brings together the superior features of SuperScript IV Reverse Transcriptase, Dynabeads magnetic particles, and Platinum SuperFi DNA Polymerase, enabling users to obtain high-quality sequencing-ready libraries.

The Collibri Stranded RNA Library Prep Kit offers:
• Short, automation-friendly workflow. Total RNA can be converted to sequencing-ready library within 6.5 hours.
• Inert dyes in the reagents that make it possible to see the progress of library generation without any negative effect on library quality
• Superior rRNA removal
• Uniform transcript coverage and high transcript detection sensitivity
• High sensitivity of differential gene expression detection
• >98% strand specificity
• Efficient detection of non-coding RNA
• Preservation of 3‘ end sequence information

The Collibri Stranded RNA Library Prep Kit is designed for fast and convenient library preparation targeting insert sizes of ~ 150 bp for whole transcriptome libraries starting with sample inputs of 100–500 ng of total human, mouse, or rat RNA. Single-tube adapter ligation and reverse transcription reactions, as well as magnetic bead-based rRNA depletion and library purification steps, enable completion of the entire workflow in approximately 6.5 hours. The kit is suitable for various quality RNA samples, including FFPE samples.

For maximum convenience, visual cues of process integrity are included throughout the library prep workflow. Monitor progress of library generation using visual feedback from dyes in critical reagents. The reaction mix changes color in response to the addition of critical components at each step to ensure that library preparation has the highest chance of success. The inert dyes do not interfere with enzymatic reactions and do not compromise sequencing results.

The Collibri Stranded RNA Library Prep Kit with Human/Mouse/Rat rRNA Depletion Kit includes ribosomal RNA (rRNA) depletion reagents to enable a comprehensive view of the transcriptome through superior removal of human, mouse, and rat rRNA. Full-length Illumina-compatible adaptors are introduced by PCR amplification using Platinum SuperFi DNA Polymerase to construct single-indexed libraries compatible with single-read or paired-end sequencing. The kit contains 24 or 96 single-indexed barcoded PCR primers (i7) pre-mixed with a universal i5 primer that enables multiplexing of up to 96 libraries. Optimized cleanup steps efficiently remove residual primers and adapter/primer dimers while preserving high library yields.

A related prioduct, the Collibri Library Quantification Kit is recommended for qPCR-based quantifications of libraries before proceeding to sequencing.

The Collibri Stranded RNA Library Prep Kit is recommended for:
• Gene expression studies
• Alternative splicing analysis
• Non-coding RNA detection and discovery
• Identification of alternative polyadenylation sites
• Gene fusion detection
• Detection of transcript isoforms

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


For Use With (Equipment): Illumina NGS instruments
Library Type: cDNA libraries
Workflow Step: Adaptor Hybridization, Cleanup, Fragmentation, Indexing, Ligation, PCR Amplification, Reverse Transcription, rRNA Depletion
Starting Material: Total RNA
Sequencing Type: single-read; pair-end
Product Line: Collibri™, Illumina™
Product Size: 96 preps
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice

Contents & storage

• Collibri Stranded RNA Library Prep Kit (96 preps). Store at -20°C.
• Collibri Library Cleanup Kit (96 preps). Store at 4°C.
• Collibri H/M/R rRNA Depletion Kit (96 preps). Store at 4°C.


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