Thermo Scientific™

Terahertz Sensor

The ability to measure individual layer thickness of co-extruded, calendered, or other multilayer continuous web products is critical to controlling quality, reducing material usage, and minimizing defects such as voids and delamination. The Thermo Scientific™ Terahertz Sensor uses the latest time domain terahertz technology to simultaneously measure thickness, basis weight and density in a single sensor solution for transparent and opaque products, such as rubber tires, roofing, coextruded plastics, foam products, insulation, building products and many other high value applications.
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The Terahertz sensor is a safe, non-nuclear online measurement solution for use in a wide variety of single and multilayer applications using industrialized terahertz sensing technology. Used in multilayer plastic sheet extrusion, multilayer foam extrusion, rubber tire calendering, multilayer conveyor belt, roofing shingles, single-ply roofing (e.g. TPO or EPDM) and many other applications, the Terahertz sensor provides several new and unique measurement capabilities that are not feasible in any other single sensor solution. It has the capability to provide simultaneous measurement of thickness, basis weight and density. It is also capable of making multilayer measurement of materials without requiring any product specific calibration and provides direct thickness measurement while being insensitive to color or additives.

The Terahertz sensor makes its measurement by detecting the time it takes for the terahertz energy to travel through the material being measured and reflect off the surfaces of each layer. This is accomplished by using a laser to generate pulses of terahertz waves at ultra-high frequency and a collinear receiver to measure the waves as they come back from each surface. 

The Terahertz sensor is available as a single sided, reflection type sensor for highly accurate thickness measurement of a multilayer web structure and can be used to measure all type of materials excluding metal and other conductive materials.

  • State-of-the-art, industrialized terahertz technology

  • Simultaneous measurement of total thickness, basis weight, density and delamination detection with one sensor

  • Can measure fully opaque and transparent materials

  • Temperature stable sensor compatible with ambient temperature of up to 50°C without external cooling

  • Accurate non-contact, online measurement of single or multilayer product structures

  • Measurement of layers from 12 micron to 100 millimeters

  • Safe and non-radioactive

  • No regulatory license required (unlike isotope or x-ray)