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AgriSeq™ Canine Traits and Disorders Panel

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The Applied Biosystems AgriSeq Canine Traits and Disorders Panel contains 154 markers targeting clinically important canine traits and disorders. The panel includes SNPs and complex markers such as MNPs and InDels. Most of these markers are common to all breeds, while some are breed-specific for certain traits and conditions. The AgriSeq Canine Traits and Disorders Panel enables multiplexed simultaneous genotyping using the AgriSeq targeted genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) workflow. The CanFam 3.1 reference genome is used for the analysis.

The need for highly consistent detection of informative genetic markers is critical for genetic trait detection. Targeted GBS methods, like AgriSeq, have the advantage over non-targeted GBS approaches (e.g., RADSeq) that are highly susceptible to allele drop-outs and missing data. Using the AgriSeq workflow, hundreds to thousands of markers can be targeted simultaneously in a highly reproducible manner across diverse sample sets. In collaboration with multiple experts and ISAG member laboratories, we have developed and validated the performance of all markers in the panel, including 97 SNPs, 6 MNPs, 13 insertions, and 38 deletions. The performance of the panel was verified using orthogonal testing, robustness testing, and field testing with diverse canine oral swab DNA samples. The comprehensive AgriSeq Canine Traits and Disorders Panel is designed to deliver reliable genotyping results for clinically important genetic disorders and traits.

Features of the AgriSeq Canine Traits and Disorders Panel include:
• Reproducible genotyping of 154 markers targeting 136 genetic disorders and 18 traits
• Simple, high-throughput workflow
• Customizable approach to combine with compatible parentage and identification markers

>99% mean sample call rate for markers
A high genotype call rate and reproducibility are imperative to accurately predict traits and disorders. Highly diverse canine oral swab DNA field samples were evaluated using the AgriSeq targeted GBS workflow, and a 99.5% mean sample call rate was obtained for a majority of the markers (see figure below). Replicate genotype concordance was >99.9% and calls were highly concordant with orthogonal data (>99%).

Simple, high throughput workflow
The AgriSeq Canine Traits and Disorders Panel has been optimized for use in the AgriSeq targeted GBS workflow. Up to 768 unique samples can be pooled per chip, greatly reducing the sequencing cost and labor per animal. Up to four 384-well plates can be processed in a single day and full sequencing results can be obtained in as little as three days. The flexibility of the AgriSeq workflow allows hundreds of samples to be pooled together into a single sequencing run targeting hundreds to thousands of markers.

Combine with Canine Parentage & Identification panel or customize panel with additional markers for maximal test value
The AgriSeq targeted GBS workflow is highly flexible, allowing the addition of compatible markers and panels for efficient, high-value genotyping. Whether you are looking to combine parentage analysis with specific desired trait markers or genetic defect markers to cull out carriers in breeding programs, our dedicated team of agrigenomics bioinformatics specialists is available to help design high performance panels.

The AgriSeq Canine Traits and Disorders panel, along with the AgriSeq workflow, provides a streamlined, cost-effective method for canine genotyping for traits and disorders.

NOTE: The CanFam 3.1 reference genome and other files needed for analysis of the AgriSeq Canine Traits and Disorder Panel can be obtained by contacting technical support.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Primer Type: Custom Primer
Product Line: AgriSeq™
Product Size: 960 reactions
Species: Dog⁄Canine
Shipping Condition: Approved for shipment on Wet or Dry Ice

Contents & storage

Store in freezer (-5 to -30°C).


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