RNAqueous™ Total RNA Isolation Kit

Catalog number:  AM1912

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RNA Extraction

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The RNAqueous® Kit is for phenol-free total RNA isolation from 1–75 mg of tissue or from 102–107 cells, using a guanidinium-based lysis/denaturant and glass fiber filter separation technology. The RNAqueous® Kit provides:

• Convenient syringe-based filtration
• Compatibility with vacuum manifolds when processing multiple samples

How it works
The RNAqueous® Kit uses a powerful chaotropic solution for cell lysis, followed by RNA binding to glass fiber housed in a luer-lock syringe filter. Washing and elution solutions are simply pushed through the filter using a standard syringe (not included). Vacuum filtration is not required; however, the filter units are compatible with standard vacuum manifolds for processing several samples at once.
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Final Product Type: Total RNA
For Use With (Application): Real-Time Quantitative PCR (qPCR), Reverse Transcriptase PCR (RT-PCR), Nuclease Protection Assays, Northern Blotting, cDNA Library Construction
Purification Target: Total RNA
Sample Type: Plant Samples, Viral Samples, Tissue, Yeast, Bacteria, Cells
Includes: 6mL Formaldehyde Load Dye; 60mL Lysis/Binding Solution; 60mL Water for 64% Ethanol; 4mL Lithium Chloride Precipitation Solution; 40mL Wash Solution 1; 80mL Wash Solution 2/3 Concentrate; 50 Filter Cartridges; 100 Collection Tubes; 10mL Elution Solution
Isolation Technology: Spin Column (Glass Fiber Filter)
Product Type: Kit
High-throughput Compatibility: Not High-throughput Compatible (Manual)
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Product Line: Ambion™, RNAqueous®

Contents & storage

• 6 ml Formaldehyde Load Dye (-20°C)
• 60 ml Lysis/Binding Solution (4°C)
• 60 ml Water for 64% Ethanol (4°C)
• 4 ml Lithium Chloride Precipitation Solution (4°C)
• 40 ml Wash Solution 1 (4°C)
• 80 ml Wash Solution 2/3 Concentrate (4°C)
• 50 Filter Cartridges (room temperature)
• 100 Collection Tubes (room temperature)
• 10 ml Elution Solution (-20°C, 4°C, or room temperature)