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RNAqueous™ Total RNA Isolation Kit

Catalog number: AM1912
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RNAqueous™ Total RNA Isolation Kit

Catalog number: AM1912
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Catalog Number
Unit Size
50 preps
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AM191250 preps
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Additional Information
The RNAqueous™ Kit is for phenol-free total RNA isolation from 1–75 mg of tissue or from 102–107 cells, using a guanidinium-based lysis/denaturant and glass fiber filter separation technology. The RNAqueous™ Kit provides:

• Convenient syringe-based filtration
• Compatibility with vacuum manifolds when processing multiple samples

How it works
The RNAqueous™ Kit uses a powerful chaotropic solution for cell lysis, followed by RNA binding to glass fiber housed in a luer-lock syringe filter. Washing and elution solutions are simply pushed through the filter using a standard syringe (not included). Vacuum filtration is not required; however, the filter units are compatible with standard vacuum manifolds for processing several samples at once.
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Isolation Technology
Spin Column (Glass Fiber Filter)
Elution Volume
50–120 μL
Sample Type
Bacteria, Cells, Plant, Tissue, Yeast, Viruses, Enzymatic Reactions
Final Product Type
Total RNA
High-throughput Compatibility
Not High-throughput Compatible (Manual)
For Use With (Application)
RT-PCR, qPCR, cDNA Library Construction, NGS, Microarray Analysis, Blot Hybridization, Northern Blotting, In Vitro Translation, Nuclease Protection Assays, Nucleic Acid Labeling
50 Preps
Shipping Condition
Room Temperature
Starting Material Amount
Bacteria: ≤109 cells
Cells: ≤107
Tissue: ≤75 mg
Plant: ≤75 mg
Yeast: ≤108 cells
Virus: varies
Enzymatic Reactions: varies

Contents & Storage

• 6 mL Formaldehyde Load Dye; store at -20°C
• 60 mL Lysis/Binding Solution; 4°C
• 60 mL Water; 4°C
• 4 mL Lithium Chloride Precipitation Solution; 4°C
• 40 mL Wash Solution #1; 4°C
• 80 mL Wash Solution #2/3 (concentrated); 4°C
• 50 Filter Cartridges; room temperature
• 100 Collection Tubes; room temperature
• 10 mL Elution Solution; room temperature


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