EVOS™ XL Core Attachable Mechanical Stage

Catalog number:  AMEP4712

Related applications:

Cellular Imaging

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The EVOS XL Core Mechanical Stage is an alternative to the universal, fixed stage provided with the EVOS XL Core Imaging System. This mechanical stage has X-Y axis controls and a vessel holder framework that accommodates our broad range of vessel holders for smaller sample vessel types, such as microscope slides and 35 mm dishes. Larger sample vessels, such as T-75 flasks or multi-well plates, fit directly onto the stage. Both vessel holders and large vessels are held securely in place by a stage clip during operation. The spring-loaded clip allows fast and easy vessel changes, such as during operations inside a hood or during processing of multiple samples.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Line: EVOS™
For Use With (Equipment): EVOS™ XL Core Imaging System
Quantity: 1 each
Type: Mechanical Stage
Product Type: Imaging System Accessories