Luminex™ FLEXMAP 3D™ Instrument System

Catalog number: APX1342

Luminex™ FLEXMAP 3D™ Instrument System

Catalog number: APX1342
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The Luminex FLEXMAP 3D Instrument System is the most advanced and versatile multiplexing platform. A fast read time, compatibility with both 96- and 384-well plates, and ease of integration with front-end automation systems make the Luminex FLEXMAP 3D system the platform of choice for high-throughput applications. Automated start up, shut down, and maintenance routines make the Luminex FLEXMAP 3D system easy to use and maintain. The system is compatible with ProcartaPlex multiplex immunoassays and QuantiGene Plex multiplex gene expression assays.

Features of the Luminex system include:
Multiplexing: up to 500 analytes in a single sample
Dynamic range (typical): ≥ 4.5 logs
Read time: 96-well plate in ∼20 min (up to 144,000 tests/hour); 384-well plate in ∼75 min (up to 153,600 tests/hour)
Daily start-up/shut-down: ≤ 30 min

Available options
Software: extra seat licenses, Basic Security Module, 21 CFR part 11 Module, Automation Module, LIS/LIMS Module
Service: service contracts, IQ/OQ

Learn more:
ProcartaPlex multiplex immunoassays
QuantiGene Plex multiplex gene expression assays

Luminex xMAP technology
The open architecture of Luminex xMAP technology uses imaging, microspheres, digital signal processing, and traditional chemistry—combining proven technologies in a unique way.

Advantages of Luminex xMAP technology include:
• Helps reduce costs and labor through multiplexing
• Smaller sample size requirements compared to single result assays
• Enables fast, reproducible results from favorable kinetics of liquid bead array approach
• Broad coverage of applications, including protein expression and gene expression profiling

How Luminex xMAP technology works
Sets of magnetic microspheres are color-coded with combinations of red and infrared fluorophores. Each bead set is coated with a reagent specific to a particular bioassay, allowing the capture and detection of several specific analytes from a single sample. Optics in the compact analyzer excite the internal dyes that identify each microsphere as well as any reporter dye captured, providing quantitation of individual analytes on each microsphere. The analyzer reads many beads from each set, enabling rapid and precise results for several targets within a single sample.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


96-Well Plate, 384-Well Plate
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Luminex™, FLEXMAP 3D™
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Room Temperature

Contents & Storage

• FLEXMAP 3D instrument
• xMAP Sheath Fluid
• Sample Probe-Needle
• Off Plate Reagent Block
• Waste Container
• Barcode Scanner
• Heater Block (96-well plate)
• Heater Block (384-well plate)
• Documentation
• Desktop PC with Windows 10; Dell monitor, keyboard, and mouse; xPONENT Software (3 seats), and 90-day trial of Security, 21 CFR Part 11, Automation and LIS modules
• Sample Probe Height Adjustment Tool

Shipped separately:
• FLEXMAP 3D Calibration Kit
• FLEXMAP 3D Performance Verification Kit


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