Thermo Scientific™

Printer and Supplies for AQ7100 and AQ8100 Spectrophotometers

Conveniently record your analysis results with embedded printers and replacement printer paper for AquaMate 7100 and 8100 spectrophotometers.
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Quick and convenient, easily record your results using printers and paper for your Orion™ AquaMate 7100 and 8100 Spectrophotometers.

AQX1PRNTR: Snap-on Printer for Orion™ AquaMate 7100 & 8100 Spectrophotometers

AQX1PPRPSA: Self Stick Printer (PSA) Paper for AquaMate 7100 & 8100 Printer Accessory

AQX1PPRSTD: Standard Printer Paper for AquaMate 7100 & 8100 Accessory