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Catalog number: BRE731436
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Catalog number: BRE731436

Delivering research level trace elemental analysis, combined with routine ease-of-use, the Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ TQ ICP-MS is a high-performance, future-proof ICP-MS solution. Harness the power of Triple Quadropole (TQ) technology, in combination with a wide variety of reactive gases and experience, for uncomplicated analysis with incredible accuracy. Expand your applications and enhance your laboratory efficiency with breakthrough triple quadrupole technology that is so easy to use, any analyst can operate it.

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TypeTriple Quadrupole ICP-MS
DescriptioniCAP TQ ICP-MS
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TypeTriple Quadrupole ICP-MS
DescriptioniCAP TQ ICP-MS
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Experience the benefits of research-level analysis and expand your laboratory's application portfolio, safe in the knowledge that your operators can seamlessly switch from our Single Quadrupole-ICP-MS instruments to Triple Quadrupole with Thermo Scientific™ Qtegra™ Intelligent Scientific Data Solution™ (ISDS).

Whether you want to explore new markets, push the boundaries of your research, or meet future legislation requirements, the iCAP TQ ICP-MS instrument is the solution to future-proofing your lab.

Research level trace elemental analysis
  • Powerful interference removal, even in the toughest matrices
  • Lowest detection limits available in the Thermo Scientific range of bench-top trace elemental instruments
  • Incredible accuracy and repeatability; routine analysis at sub-ppt levels
Unique ease of use for high throughput analysis
  • Minimal downtime due to robust, low-maintenance engineering
  • Simple method development no matter how challenging the matrix
  • Reliable instrument operation through integrated reaction gas handling features
  • Reaction Finder method development assistant allows analysts at all experience levels to leverage the full potential of triple quadrupole interference removal
Full flexibility for all areas
  • Compatibility with automation and sample-handling systems
  • Integrated control for alternative sampling devices such as lasers or chromatography
  • Full flexibility in method set up using different gases or product ions


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