Thermo Scientific™

CID3710D Solid-State Monochrome Video Camera

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Thermo Scientific™ CID3710D solid-state monochrome video camera features an RS-170 video format, interlace-scanned, 776(H) x 512(V) pixel CID array in a compact remote head configuration. Compact remote head configuration connects to the Camera Control Unit via flexible cable supplied to length.
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Boasts superior anti-blooming performance and features command stop motion or PIP (Part in Position) to capture and read asynchronous high-speed events in center frame. Versatile camera head-mounting feature simplifies installation in small spaces, and the standard “C” mount lens adapter provides back-focus adjustments.
  • Charge Injection Device (CID) imager is inherently tolerant to highly specular lighting overloads
  • Optical overloads are highly contained within each pixel or the immediately surrounding pixels so charge is not shared with adjacent rows or columns
  • Spectral response is from below 200nm to 1100nm, and coatings are available for X-ray, deep UV, and IR
  • Contiguous uniform pixel structure, where the total sensor is active with virtually no opaque areas, facilitates interpixel interpolation for subpixel edge definition
  • Frame reset, inject inhibit, and dump functions may be used in combination or independently to capture and read Asynchronous high speed events in center frame
  • Camera may be synchronized with an event to precisely locate a part in the field of view, and the use of a strobe allows blur-free images; features a 2:1 interlace-scanned 776(H) x 512(V) CID array with 12.0 x 13.7 micron (4:3) aspect ratio pixels
  • Charge Injection Device (CID) Imager Technology
  • Asynchronous full-frame capture
  • Interlace RS-170 video format
  • 12 x 13.7 micron contiguous pixels
  • Precise edge detection
  • UV through near IR response Selectable 2X, 4X video gain boost


Requires an external power source supplying +11.5 to +17VDC.

Recommended for:

  • Remote gauging, metrology
  • Inspection and measurement
  • Edge detection
  • Laser beam profiling Tracking
  • Inspection
  • Machine vision
  • 3-D profiling