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Thermo Scientific™

CellInsight™ CX7 High Content Analysis Platform

Green features
Catalog number: CX7A1110
Thermo Scientific™

CellInsight™ CX7 High Content Analysis Platform

Green features
Catalog number: CX7A1110
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The Thermo Scientific™ CellInsight™ CX7 High Content Analysis (HCA) Platform is a fast, automated cellular imaging and analysis platform designed for quantitative microscopy.

The CellInsight CX7 HCA Platform offers an integrated way to develop and automate high content assays using a combination of 5-color brightfield and 7-color fluorescence imaging in confocal or wide-field modes. See how the CellInsight CX7 platform compares to other high content analysis platforms from Thermo Fisher Scientific >

Features of the CellInsight CX7 HCA Platform
• 7-channel fluorescent imaging
• 5-channel bright-field imaging
• 7-channel confocal imaging
• Software and laser-based autofocus for consistent scan times
• Configured for fully automated plate handling and scanning

• Addresses hundreds of assay types with flexible software and hardware tools
• Scan and analyze microscope slides or most SBS-standard format microplates
• Use HCS Studio software for integrated instrument control and data analysis
• Achieve the fastest time to results by using intelligent acQuisition (iQ) real-time analysis feedback
• Compatible with Molecular Probes™ fluorescent detection reagents

Hardware and Software
• Stable and reliable light source enables reduced variability, increased data quality, and decreased operating costs
• Broad reagent options with seven-color excitation from violet to near IR for assay multiplexing
• Dual mode focusing using Software and Laser Autofocus methods to address both labelled and unlabeled sample types
• Multi-mode imaging allows for wide-field, bright-field, and confocal imaging in one run
• HCS Studio Cell Analysis Software is an integrated instrument control, visualization, and analysis software package for novice to advanced users
• Scalable with Store Image and Database Software and optional Orbitor RS Microplate handler


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CellInsight™ CX7 High Content Analysis Platform
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High Content Instrument
Assorted Colors
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Chromogenic, Fluorescent
Microplate, Slide(s)
Green Features
Less hazardous, less waste and use of fewer resources
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Room Temperature

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