E-Gel™ EX Agarose Gels, 4%

Catalog number: G401004

E-Gel™ EX Agarose Gels, 4%

Catalog number: G401004
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also known as G4010-04
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10 gels
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also known as G4010-04
10 gels
Price: 241.00
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Invitrogen E-Gel EX precast agarose gels are designed for ultrasensitive and convenient DNA and RNA sample electrophoresis in as little as 10–20 minutes. Each E-Gel agarose gel cassette contains all components and stain required for efficient gel separation and analysis—just load your samples and run. E-Gel agarose gels are ideal for analyzing PCR products, restriction digests, and plasmid preparations, or for DNA fragment library analysis. E-Gel agarose gels are also suitable for a quick check of RNA samples.

Features of E-Gel EX agarose gels include:
Instantaneous setup—precast E-Gel agarose gels are ready for use when you are, and do not require gel preparation or additional buffers
High sensitivity—detect 1 ng of sample DNA
Rapid analysis—complete DNA sample separation in 10–20 minutes
In-process control—view DNA sample migration in real time
Easy sample access—openable cassette design allows easy in-gel access for convenient DNA sample excision or transfer to membranes
For DNA and RNA—ideal for DNA sample analysis and suitable for quick check of RNA samples

Ultra-sensitive detection of DNA
E-Gel EX gels pre-stained with SYBR Gold DNA stain were developed for ultimate sensitivity and demonstrate up to 5-fold greater sensitivity than comparable gels containing ethidium bromide. This superior sensitivity allows you to use lower amounts of sample, saving time and money.

Fast and convenient analysis
E-Gel EX gels are our fastest-resolving agarose gels, enabling sample analysis in as little as 10–20 minutes. Each E-Gel agarose gel contains agarose, electrodes, SYBR Gold DNA stain, and a bufferless ion exchange system packaged inside a dry disposable cassette. E-Gel technology does not required any gel or buffer preparation or gel straining steps. Just load your samples and run.

Live monitoring of DNA migration
The E-Gel EX agarose gels are pre-stained with SYBR Gold II DNA gel stain with an excitation wavelength in the blue-light spectrum. When used on the E-Gel Power Snap Electrophoresis Device with integrated blue-light trans-illuminator, safe real-time monitoring of DNA or RNA migration is enabled without risk to eyes or possible damage of the sample, unlike UV illumination.

Quick check of RNA samples
Besides DNA analysis, E-Gel EX gels can also be used for fast analysis of RNA samples to check their integrity before proceeding with downstream applications.

Easy access to the gel
E-Gel cassettes are designed for convenient opening with a Gel Knife (Cat. No. EI9010), for easy excision of specific bands or transfer of the gel to a membrane for southern blot analysis.

Nucleic acid markers
Learn more about our E-Gel DNA ladders ›

Running and imaging devices
E-Gel EX gels require the Invitrogen E-Gel Power Snap Electrophoresis System for gel running and viewing. The system consists of an electrophoresis device and a camera for fast and convenient E-Gel agarose gel separation and analysis.
Learn more about the E-Gel Power Snap Electrophoresis System ›

Available in a variety of gel formats
E-Gel agarose gels are available in variety of gel percentage, stain, and well formats. The 11-well E-Gel EX agarose gels are available in 1%, 2%, and 4% gel percentages. E-Gel agarose gel selection guide
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Compatible Ladders
E-Gel™ Ultra Low Range DNA Ladder, Century™-Plus RNA Markers
Gel Percentage
Gel Type
Product Type
EX Agarose Gel
Sample Loading Volume
20 µL
Separation Range
20 to 800 bp
Stain Type
Mode of Separation
Molecular Weight
Sample Type
Double-Stranded DNA (dsDNA), Single-Stranded RNA
Shipping Condition
Room Temperature
System Type
Well Design
Single Comb

Contents & Storage

• E-Gel™ EX 10-Paks contain 10 gels

Store gels at room temperature. Guaranteed stable for 3 months when properly stored.


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