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Gilmont™ Falling-ball Viscometer, Size No. 3

Related applications:

Rheometers & Viscometers

Gilmont™ Falling-ball Viscometers offer a simple, accurate, low cost, absolute method for measuring viscosity of clear fluids up to 200cp. Easier to use than capillary type, and less expensive than rotating/sensor electronic-based devices.

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  • Unique ball-release mechanism
  • Wetted parts of glass, PTFE and Viton™ seals (stainless steel and tantalum floats optional)
  • Three range options per tube allow for better accuracy in each range
  • Absolute reading, no electronics
  • Small sample size: approx. 7mL required
  • Easily used in constant temperature bath
  • Closed system ideal for highly evaporative and hydroscopically deteriorative solutions

Recommended for:

Used in lab, R and D, process, and plant quality control