Thermo Scientific™

Helios™ G4 PFIB CXe DualBeam™ for Semiconductors

The Helios G4 PFIB CXe DualBeam System enables you to:

  • Reveal the finest details using best-in-class Elstar™ SEM Electron Column with high-current UC+ monochromator technology, enabling nanometer SEM image resolution and surface sensitivity.
  • Perform the highest throughput and quality relevant 3D characterization, cross-sectioning, and micromachining using the next-generation 2.5μA Xenon Plasma FIB (PFIB 2.0) Column.
  • Prepare high-quality Ga+ free TEM samples thanks to the PFIB 2.0 Column’s superior performance at all operating conditions and guided TEM sample preparation workflow.
  • Achieve high-productivity, curtain-free preparation of large area cross-sections and highest quality TEM lamella with Auto Rocking Mill.
  • Navigate precisely on your sample, tailored to individual application needs thanks to the highly flexible 110mm stage and optional in-chamber NavCam.
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The Thermo Scientific™ Helios™ G4 PFIB CXe DualBeam™ System provides unique capabilities to enable advanced failure analysis of 3D packages and damage-free delayering of semiconductor devices, in addition to a wide range of other large area FIB processing applications.