Human Cryopreserved Hepatocytes, Transporter Certified

Catalog number:  HMCPQC

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These plateable, cryopreserved human primary hepatocytes have been certified by Qualyst Transporter Solutions (QTS) for use with their patented B-CLEAR™ methodology for measurement of biliary efflux. QTS-certified hepatocytes not only maintain basic metabolism and morphology, but also express functioning uptake and efflux transporters.

Qualyst Transporter Solutions is the exclusive provider of hepatic drug transporter products and contract research services that utilize B-CLEAR technology. Their comprehensive hepatic cell-certification process includes the following analyses:

• A multi-point evaluation throughout the plating, overlay, and culture periods
• A quantitative evaluation of uptake and efflux transporter function
• Evaluation of total uptake, intracellular concentration, hepatic efflux, and overall clearance of each substrate
• Demonstration of functional inhibition of key transporters

Maintain basic function
Certification by this method helps to identify primary cells that have basic metabolism and morphology suitable for comprehensive transporter analysis.

Enhanced hepatic model
The B-CLEAR model is an exclusive hepatic model that combines both uptake and efflux transporters with hepatic metabolism.

Predict drug-drug interactions
Data from the B-CLEAR model can be used in a variety of ways, including in the prediction of clinically relevant drug interactions and in support of mechanisms of transporter interactions and hepatotoxicity.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Age: Adult
Donor Source: Liver
Product Line: Gibco™
Species: Human
Form: Cryopreserved
Cell Type: Hepatocytes

Contents & storage

1 x 1.5 mL cryo vial containing 8-10 million cells.

Stored in a cryostorage dewar or -135°C freezer.