Thermo Scientific™

IPlus! Measurement and Control System for Vinyl Calendering

Produce flat rolls and maintain critical thickness specifications while saving raw materials by reducing scrap and start-up time. The Thermo Scientific™ IPlus! Measurement and Control System for Vinyl Calendering is a simple, highly reliable and cost effective control platform providing accurate, reliable measurement of the basis weight or direct thickness for vinyl calendering applications. With an efficient two or three-zone calender control system, the IPlus! improves product uniformity and ensures end-products meet strict manufacturing guidelines and high quality standards. 
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Vinyl calendering systems incorporate scanning basis weight and true thickness measurements with optional stationary sensors. Accurate profile measurement that is independent of roll condition and line speed is important.

The IPlus! Measurement and Control System for Vinyl Calendering combines advanced sensor technology and powerful software in an intuitive, easy-to-use system to provide high performance and a low cost of ownership.

The Thermo Scientific™ SYNCRO-SCAN roll runout compensation synchronizes the scanning measurements to the roll rotation, eliminating short-term machine direction roll variations from profile measurement. This produces fast, responsive, accurate profiles. 

Two-zone calender control improves product quality with side-to-side roll gap adjustments to hold product profiles flat. Three-zone calender control for either cross axis or roll bending controls the center zone, assuring flat final product profiles. Nominal control adjusts product average to a fixed target. 


  • Basis weight or direct thickness measurement.
  • Up to 2000 measurement profile points 
  • Advanced application controls.
  • Intuitive WonderWare HMI operator displays. 
  • Remote support capability and advanced system diagnostics.


  • High resolution sensor provides accurate, real-time measurements.
  • Reduce scrap with precise process control.
  • Easier data management and archiving with the user interface.
  • High reliability for less downtime.
  • System software backup for quick and easy system restoration in case of accidental damage.

Operator Interface:

Advanced Wonderware™ user interface with Windows10 operating system offers easier data management and archiving Desktop interface and/or console configurations are available.

Vinyl Calender Package:

Thermo Scientific™ L400 Scanner

Thermo Scientific™ Beta Plus™ Sensor for total weight measurement

Two or three-zone calender control

Feed forward control