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UltiMate™ 3000 Basic Manual System

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Industrial Chromatography

Enjoy cost effective access to UHPLC separations in a simple, expandable system where modularity makes anything possible. The Thermo Scientific™ UltiMate™ 3000 Basic Manual system offers unique LC and entry level UHPLC capabilities without compromising on quality and robustness. The basic manual system is perfect for teaching or low sample throughput, routine applications. As an LC/UHPLC “starter kit”, this modular system can be extended for virtually any desired capability with automated sample injection, column switching valves and additional detectors as your needs evolve.
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Recommended Use


For laboratories that need an LC with entry level UHPLC capabilities, and are investing in their first systems. The quaternary pump is recommended for methods deploying either conventional 3-5µm, or sub-2µm particle UHPLC columns where a moderately fast gradient response is acceptable for the benefit of increased mobile phase flexibility (i.e., multiple solvents, extended column wash, ternary or quaternary gradients). A four-channel solvent degasser is integrated in the pump module to simplify operation.

Typical application areas are teaching laboratories within general academic research and quality control laboratories with low sample throughput requirements.

Ensuring Excellent Chromatography

Up to 10 mL/min flow rate supporting up to 62 MPa (9000 psi/620 bar) backpressure for column format and column particle size flexibility.

Manual or motorized injection valve with contact closure for automated data acquisition start (i.e., Chromeleon 6.x/7.x)

Obtain near-zero dead volume for optimal peak shapes even over extended periods using Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Viper™ Fingertight Fitting system.

Get precise and accurate flow rates for stable retention times, robust peak integration, and confident identification from the Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ SmartFlow™ technology.

Chromeleon CDS Software Makes Operation Easy

Integrated service and validation monitoring with Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Chromeleon™ CDS, versions 6.x and 7.x

Automated system startup, standby and shutdown with Chromeleon CDS, versions 6.x and 7.x

Compatible with Chromeleon 7.x eWorkflow walk-up solution and advanced reporting features

Choose the Right Configuration for You

Four-solvent channel pump for versatile gradient methods, with integrated 4-channel degasser

(LPG-3400SD) or a single solvent channel pump for isocratic applications without degassing (ISO-3100SD)

Spacious solvent rack for six 1-liter solvent bottles or large mobile phase reservoirs (SR-3000) Optional motorized injection valve supporting backpressures up to 1000 bar (i.e., with UltiMate 3000 RS pumps)

Thermostatted column compartment with up to two field upgradable column switching valves (TCC-3000SD)

Diode array, multiple wavelength, variable wavelength, fluorescence, charged aerosol, refractive index or mass spectrometry detectors

Fraction collector (AFC-3000)

Chromeleon 7.2 CDS software package (standalone or networked, may control also your other chromatography equipment)